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Fig 1.0 Motorola DP4000 Series Radio

Fig. 2.0 3M Peltor Blue-line Headset

Fig. 3.0 Remote Speaker Microphone

Fig. 4.0 SWATCOM 1

Fig. 5.0

Fig. 6.0

In the harsh environment of the offshore industry where time and resources are limited we pride our-self in the fact that our radio kits are ready to be mobilized immediately once delivered to site. Our radio kits are smart, fit for purpose, well packaged and ultimately safe. When the crew open one of our transit cases on location offshore, everything is presented in a tidy, clean and professional manner. All the components are easily identifiable as being present and correct.  All pertaining documents are complete, up to date and readily available for inspection.

 These exclusive radio kits comprise of custom-fit Peli transit cases that are lightweight, water-resistant, easily moved in trolley-case form and are approved for air transportation. The inside of the case has a custom foam inner lining that will accommodate up to eight complete radios with spare batteries, cases, straps, remote speaker microphones, headsets and multi-way charger.


For hire, NET LTD supply the very latest generation Motorola DP4401 Atex radio with Lithium-ion  technology Atex approved battery as the benchmark product (Fig1.0). Robust and reliable the DP4401 is class IIC approved which meets the highest classification for safety. The radio is IP57 for water and dust ingress and is further protected by a heavy duty leather case as standard. The radio also carries the exacting standard of MIL SPEC 810E. The lithium battery has more than enough capacity to see a 12 hour shift completed without the need to recharge or exchange batteries. TheDP4401 Atex radio has an emergency button for critical safety applications.

When combined with the 3M Peltor Blue-line headset these two products are the preferred day to day choice of the offshore professional (Fig2.0)


The Blue-line headset from Peltor 3M is designed to ensure clear, reliable communication in extremely noisy environments while providing perfect hearing protection. This headset has twin shells and an acoustic design that not only allows for space for the ears, but has the best sound- quality and comfort. The microphone, with effective noise compensation, gives clear communication while supressing back ground noise. The Blue-line incorporates “Quick Positioning” via a swivel boom for easily handling. 

Remote Speaker Microphone

When a headset is not required, it is the preferred choice of the crew to use a remote speaker microphone (RSM). Improvements have been made to the Motorola Atex RSM in that the new version has a very useful volume control on the facia. This allows the user to turn down the volume when entering the office and accommodation areas without the need to reach down to the radio. The RSM is noise cancelling (for noisy environments) and is fitted with an alarm button which can be enabled if required (Fig 3.0)


Options for very noisy environments or where breathing apparatus is required is a product called Swatcom. The Swatcom 1 is an intrinsically safe, ATEX approved, waterproof and dust tight Press-To-Talk switch with a radio lead for the DP4401. The SWATCOM  is a modular product with a throat microphone and earpiece. It is comfortable, has excellent performance in very noisy environments and can be used with standard ear-defenders or with breathing apparatus masks (Fig4.0 shows a typical Swatcom arrangement)

Rapid battery chargers

To complement our radio kits we utilise high quality six way and single unit chargers.

These can be supplied in conventional 13 amp UK plug or ships plug as required (Fig6.0) These can be supplied in 240volts ac or 110volt if required.

Base stations are available in VHF Marine and UHF bands to compliment the hand-portable radios.

All base stations are small and compact and have a built in universal input power supply. Connection to the supply is via an IECC cable presented in 13 amp 3pin UK or ship’s continental plug as required.

The antenna supplied is via a magnetic mount or fibreglass dipole with stainless steel clamps. Antenna cable is supplied in RG58 for lengths up to 20m and URM67 low loss for lengths over 20M. The antenna and cable length can be dictated by the customer with no impact on cost.

Repeater Stations

 The NET repeater station is Atex approved for zone 2 applications.

This unit allows for increased coverage when a hand-portable radio has insufficient power to give clear communication for the job in hand. Powered via a universal input power supply the unit will repeat up to the maximum permissible power of 4 watts in Zone 2. The unit has an integral backup battery that will power the unit without charge for 72 hours. This makes the unit very versatile and easy to install to suite most applications. Various options of antenna can be provided with this system.


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